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the karate kid.
Friday, June 11, 2010

Any Comments? :O 0awesome peeps
i was extremely happy as i've got to watch this movie yesterday. two days back, fier,kamilin,zaim and i watched lagenda budak setan. i kept on complainig that movie wasn't that great but i felt very PLEASED looking at fier's shining face showing her satisfaction after watching that movie which she really want to:) at the same time, thanks guys for wasted six hours of your time listening to me talking nonsense. lol.
this monday, my friends asked me to join them as we'll get to meet intan blurr:). yeah, i miss her too. but, something stop me from going there and that is money and transportation problem:(. whatever it is guys, i really hope i can see all of together as we used to when we were in SHAKS. but, wouldnt it just be be a dream or can someone make it 'a dream come true'?:) I'LL WAIT FOR THAT:)

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