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Holidayy. FUN or BORED?
Friday, November 19, 2010

Any Comments? :O 5awesome peeps
okayyy. well, after five months since i logged in to my blog, truth be told, i really has forgotten that i have own a blog= ='.one of my friends,syazlin, was asking me 'heyya, do you have any blog?'. and  i was like 'ouh God, do i own one? yeah, i have!:).' anyway syaz, thanks for reminding me about my abandoned blog.i owe you:)  okayy, let's get to the main topic here. yeah. look at the title up there. it was about HOLIDAY! i am so glad the school is over, but at the same time, it feel sad as we wont get to see each other as usual. but, still guys. i'll keep you all in my heart. okayy, now, look down and see how  great am i in spending my time.lol
my DAILY routine:
yeah, that is how i spend my time during holidayy. and i wont be surprised if next year, you will be half dead to see me, with a belly that looks like a balloon:)

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