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Monday, November 29, 2010

Any Comments? :O 0awesome peeps
today was like the the _______ day of my life==. damn, i've sit for the MRSM test. i slept at about 3AM. facebooking+studying. yeah, 'STUDYING'==. well,i woke up at 6 and you can imagine how i felt. slept for only 3hours and i needed to sit for an exam?! wtf? erghh, well, i sat for math test for 75 minutes. and guess what,i spent about 70 minutes and all i can answer was only like15/40. wth? and the worst thing about it was I FALL ASLEEP!. 5 minutes left and i only 'hentam kromo' the others question.  later, i sat for science test, well, it quite easy, nothing interesting to talked about.and the last test was called'soalan keperibadian'. yeah baybeh! 100 question about ourself was given. LOL. these question were kinda funny:D. i remembered one question: what do u like to do during ur leisure time. the first choices that was given isA)FACEBOOK-ing
. LOL. i guessed everybody will have the same answer:D. and at 12.00PM, the test was over. yeah. WHAT A RELIEVED=o='.okayyy, we'll just wait for the result now. pray for me baybeh!


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