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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Any Comments? :O 0awesome peeps
  assalammualaikum and hello guys:). i've just take my bath after spending the whole day in ECM todayy. ouh,what a day!:D i WAS so excited to watch 2movies today which was NARNIA and AKU TAK BODOH. okayy ,let we talk about NARNIA first:). well, i enjoyed myself watching this movie fucken much. LOL. my friends, alif and mira bought the combo set of popcorn each costs RM9.80 to get the NARNIA's notebook.LOL. but, i can say it worth paying as the notebook is quite big and kinda cute:). but it kinda make me sad as two of the main characters in the previous NARNIA wasnt in this movie this time. but overall, you have to watch it guys:)! the second movie was AKU TAK BODOH. this movie really funny and and at the same time, it really touched my heart. the story was about the families nowadays that push hard their children to success in their academic without realising that they are stressing their children and at the end, the children will go against them and cant be controlled because they feel their own rights has been blocked by their own parents. you must go and see this movies. it gives a lot of lessons for the parents and even for ourself:). and later, we went to the chicken rice shop as we all can hear the 'horrible songs' from our stomach:D.  the food there ,aaa, for me,it's not bad. well, yyou might not believe it, but this is my first time to have a meal in CRS:). it was about 6PM that we all finished our meal and actually, we wanted to go karoeke-ing but, it was too late==' . well, maybe thats not our day right?:)  we went home by taxi.umm, it's not really a taxi. people here called them 'praybacksapu'. kinda weird==' but that's the fact:). i was really annoyed with the driver>,<. he is the supporter of PKR.well, i dont really mind. but he's gone too far as he keep on blaming the government that rule Malaysia today doesnt do anything for the sake of the Malaysians==' . wtf? pak cik. let me tell you. you sucks at politicing. if you said the price of groceries or whatever it is has gone up, it could be the economy crisis. it is not only happening in malaysia, but the whole worldwide!=='. dont ya see how this country has been developed  from just a village to one of the modern country today?! the governmentworked hard for the country and if you say, they rule the nation long enough and should be replaced with the new one. yeah,they have ruled long enough but you should know, the way they think about how to develop this country is always new and one step foward. ouh damn, i have gone too far in politicing.:D.  LOL. anyway,still, this is one of my best day:D*except for the taxi driver's part=='.i guess i should stop here before i keep on talking nonsense, i lohv u guys:)

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