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Monday, December 20, 2010

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assalammualaikum guys!THREE more days left:S. i feel like screaming my lungs out=='. ouh God. too much pressure this time. i cant take it. everyone put a really high expectation towards me:(. im scared if i cant get just like what they hope for.erghhh==.i guess im having some kind of depression right now.whatever it is. 'Ya Allah, give me strength to face this obstacles:(.i really dont want to disappoint anybody who really want to see me pass the exam with flying colours. it just hurts me;( friends, i hope you guys will pass the exam successfully too:).  anyway, talking about the GRADUATION day==, i need to wake up at 10AM. what on earth could wake me up at 10AM. everyday i  go to bed at 6AM, and they expect me to wake up at 10?==. is this some kind of joke? during this school holiday,i cant remember when was the last time i wake up before 12PM.lol. i thought of going to school with my pajamas and holding my bantal busuk at my hand, just enter the assembly hall, with the damn sleepy face and wait till my name is calledXD. lol.  anyway, FOR SURE, it wont happen for real. whatever it is, gud luck guys. wish ya'll the best:)
p/s:the picture above is one of my artwork. yeah, i admit its kinda ugly.LOL. i just captured the artwork only using the webcam, so the picture is in a  bad quality. hope you dont mind:)
-Wan Intan Nadiah binti Borharuddin -

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