I lohv to write.Dont ask me why.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Any Comments? :O 0awesome peeps

let me introduce you to my bestest friend i ever had:). this girl is Sharifah Zafierah bt Syed Badrulzaman:).well,i've met her when i was in form1. yeah. by the time, we're not even close.dindt interested in each other matter.when i was in form2, ive moved to 2Ibnu Abbas. and that was the time i get closed to her. everywhere i go, fier will be on my side and it is the same on the other side:). some of them thought that we are TWINS?=='. lol.hmm, well, she is tha happy go lucky one, kind-hearted  and the best thing is, she will always be there for me:') wait wait! i cant praise her too much. i bet her nose will go high up if she read this.LOL.anyay, Fier, even it is hard for me to admit it,you are the best.LOL. i lohv you fucken damn much.

11:58 PM