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Friday, December 10, 2010

Any Comments? :O 0awesome peeps
assalammualaikum and hey guys! i am freaking happy right now as i have updated my blog yesterday:). it took 4 hours, to find the perfect background, editing this, copying,pasting and my mind was going to blow up yesterday. whatever it is, it worth a lot as all my hard work had paid off to see my blog just as nice as other*yeah, this is my expression when i am too proud of my achievement. LOL. angkat bakul sendirik=='.whatever it is, once again, welcome to my *new* blog.gah:D anyway,lets get to the other topic. i know that you are vomitting a lot to read my syok sendiry sentence.lalala~ well, this saturday, im going to ECM /MEGA*i dont knoiw yet* with my BFF. cant wait. the best part gonna be when someone treat us right? yes! one of my BFF, said that he will pay for the movie. he said to me'well, this time i will treat all of you as my pocket is full with money right now'. as we all know, it is not nice if we dont accept someone's gift/offer/whatever.:Danyway, i cant wait to watch NARNIA nad AKU TAKK BODOH:). i guess i should end here. see you guys soon:D.<3

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