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LOVE? what is it all about?
Friday, December 10, 2010

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assalammualaikum. honestly, im not good in giving the real definition of our main topic here which is LOVE.for me, love is all about the deep feeling inside our heart. most people think the word 'I♥U' is dedicated for our boyfiee or your gurl.act, hose words show that we care about someone, we will stay with him/her through the pain, we are willing to share happiness. it could be anyone, our friends, family, teachers or whoever it is. nowadays, people cant really understand what true love means. divorces, suicide,killing and etc. why they are doing this sort of good-for-nothing things. the only reason for all of this is they lack of LOVE.and the worst, they even showing the FAKE love to others just to take advantage on them! gosh, i really hate these fakers and i really hope i wont meet any single of them.and you should know, if the true love doesnt exist in this world,there will only be a world full of violence and brutality.Love is Allah's gift for everyone and it is priceless compare to anything in this world. you cant buy love. remember that. wouh, i forgot to tell you the reason i wrote about this topic. well, this is just for everbody especially that i love to think deeply about what is love really mean to them:). beybye.see ya soon:)

truly from:intanSWAY♥

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