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Thursday, December 9, 2010

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assalammualaikum and hello guys. yesterday i've got a really shocking news from a friend of mine. yeah, it was terrible. heres the story. it was early in the morning and i heard somebody calling me on the phone. but i didnt pick up the phone cause i was really sleepy and so lazy to get myself up from my bed. it was about 11AM that i woke up and i just washed my face and brushed my teeth and went straight to the kitchen and you surely knew why i went there right? :D. after i finished my meal, a friend of mine, fattah called me and told that fier's sister had gone to rahmatullah: (. and i was like.ffattah, are you just pulling out my legs?=='. you cant play a joke on death's matter=='. and he swear that he wasnt! at that time, all that i was thinking was fier. how was she doing? was she strong enough?  after i hung up the phone, i thought that i should called fier, but maybe i should let her be alone and let her cool herself first. within 5minutes somebody was on the phone and when i looked at the number, it was fier. i quickly picked up the phone and tears was rolling down my face to hear her voice she told me that she called me early in the morning but nobody picked up and i felt so terrible. why didnt i pick up the phone! ouh god. i told her to be strong and i can hear she trying to hide her feelings from me.  that night, wardent called me and said that she is going to fier's house with fara and i said that i wanted to go too but i dont have any transportation as my parents went to tioman. luckily, her brother was kind enough to fetch me: ). i was so happy to see fier that night but we dont have much conversation. i can see her mom red eyes, maybe she was too sadd:(.  anyhow, Syarifah Zafierah bt Syed Badrulzaman, be strong friend. Allah loves her more and all we can do is to pray for her so that she will be in piece there.i love you :')

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