I lohv to write.Dont ask me why.

week of hell--'
Monday, January 10, 2011

Any Comments? :O 0awesome peeps
 kadang kadang ak rase ak ne bodoh nak mapos biarkan orang lain memanipulate perasaan ak==. kao engt ak ne hapee? kuli batak kao?! ape lahh gune ak jage perasaan org kalau perasaan ak snedirik ak buang dalam tong kitar semule. same jehh macam ak biarkan babun gayut atas kepale ak.Intan! no matter what, after this you gotta protect your own rights. those bitches would never gonna take you down again baybeh!
 papepon,disebabkan minggu nie byk mende sial yang dtg ke ak && celake2 y menyakittkan haty ak tuh==', so, ak decide ak tulis poem neh. sape yang makan peria, dia yang terase pahitnye:P.sape y tak nak share dose nn ak, jgn bace oke?:)
hey,hey,hey you retarded bitch,
just go and suck up ur own di*k,
thinking you hott like britney spears,,
but the truth is you are fucking NERDS:P,
listen here, imma tell you this one time, 
dont ever try to act like you are the 'one'.
you love to scream out loud and got naked,
you go Gaga and you're BUSTED;P,
you love to be the king and wear the bling-bling,
your talks sound like pig and your mouth smells like shit:).
cause evrybody knows that you love to get your ass fit,
and now everybody know they need to throw you in the piggy shit,
so please, do be yourself,
before i hate you more than hell.
so just like cee-lo-green said and imma say it too,
i end up this by wishing you the best with a FUCK YOU!:)
hand made:intan:).

12:18 AM