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Friday, February 4, 2011

Any Comments? :O 0awesome peeps
actually, i dont have any idea what the hell i am writing this post. lately, i've been eating too much sampai my belly was like a hot air balloon==.yesterday, i ate about 5 plates of rice with ikan keli masak merah. and 2 chicken burgers. trust meh==.im talking the truth. my mom was like 'intan.everytime you see me, what you say is 'iwanna eat,eat,eat and eat><'. all you know is eat. why dont you help me doing the house chores apart from filling your belly non-stop!''. =='. 4 days to go and shool STARTS. and the worst thing about that, we all gotta sit for the ADD MATH'S test. hell=='. nothing can be worst than sitting on a chair looking towards the paper that full of silly-algebaric words that can make your brain explode: O. forget about the topic, and lets go to another topic that can cheer me up a little. well, im hoping that ill get to go to mega/ecm/whatever with Fier,Fattah &Syaz tommorrow. its been a long time since i last see them;(. pray for me guys:D.

cant. wait .to. see. you .my .baybeh.:D<3<3

can you see the food ptramid above.when it goes up, that mean we should take less. but, i am thinking right now ' why i feel like i ate the top class of food five times larger than the bottom class of food which was given there?==''.

 intang.*gedik kan tulis dalam bi.HAHA

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