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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Any Comments? :O 0awesome peeps
♥ rules ♥

once you are tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 100 truths about you.At the end,choose 5 people to be tagged.You have to tag the person who tagged you.So that makes, 6 people (To do this, copy and paste this note, erase my answers and enter your own, tag ppl then click publish).

1. last beverage
♥ mineral water:)

2. last phone call
♥ my mom

3. last text message
♥ izzul amin

4. last song you listened to
♥ akon-Who Dat Girl:)

5. last time you cried
♥ i cant remember.sorreyh;)

6. dated someone twice
♥ i guess so.HAHA

7. been cheated on
♥ nope:)

8. kisses someone and regretted it
♥ -----.nevehh:D

9. lost someone special
♥ yeah;(

10. been depressed
♥ most of the day

11. been drunk and threw up
♥ erk=='. definitely nope:)

12. chocolate
13. purple
14. white


15. made new friend
♥yeah.i guess so:)

16. fallen out of love
♥ nope:)
17. laughed until you cried
♥ LOL.yeah. happen to me many times

18. met someone who changed you
♥nope.its only myself who change me:)

19. found out who your true friends were
♥ not yett.one day,i will;)

20. found out someone was talking about you

21. kissed anyone on your fb friend's list
♥ never 

22. how many people on your fb friend's list do you know in real life
♥most of them:). i rarely add strangers:)

23. do you have big house
♥ nope. just a small house called-pondok

24. do you have any pets
♥nahhh.i wish i had one:)

25. do you want to change your name
♥ no no

26. what did you do for your last birthday
♥ forgot

27. What time did you wake up today
♥ 9AM. so good rite?:P.

28. what were you doing last night
♥ online&eat&SMS&Watching Bed time Stories

29. name something you cannot wait for
♥finish my studies ASAP;P

30. last time you saw your mother
♥ just now.

31. what is one thing you wish you could change in your life
♥ IDK:)

32. what are you listening to right now
♥ nothing.

33. have you ever talked to a person named Tom
♥ is it the owner of the MYSPACE.*just curious=='.ehee

34. what's getting on your nerves right now
♥history HW isnt finished yet:S

35. most visited webpage
♥ FB
♥ of course the blog:)

36. days online
♥ everyday for sure:)

37. nicknames
♥ keling *no jokes=='

38. relationship status
♥friend relationship-checked
family relationship-checked
other relationship than above:not yet:)

39. zodiac sign
♥ im scorpion

40. male or female
♥ female

41. elementary
♥ PRA Cenderwasih
♥ SK Cenderawasih

42. high school
♥ SMK Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom-2008-2009
SMK Panglima Perang Tengku Muhammad-2010-till now:)

43. college
♥ -. ill wait for my SPM result first okay?:)

44. hair colour
♥ black

45. long or short
♥ moderate

46. height
♥ 159. i guess im taller that you:P

47. do you have crush on someone
♥at this moment,no:)

48. what do you like about yourself
♥ im not being proud, but, i do like my better achievement in my studies:)

49. ? (soalan hilang)

50. tattoos
♥ nahh=='

51. righty or lefty
♥fronty.lalala~ righty lahh:)

52. first crush
♥ LOL. cant remember.maybe in standard six.forget it.BHAHAHA

53. first piercings
♥ ears i guess

54. first best friend
♥ i dont even know i own a bestfriend in my life:)

55. first sport you joined
♥ maybee acara suykaneka. *when i was six years old. join for a balloon-popping & things like that.blabalbla~

56. first vacation
♥==.cant remember:)

57.cis, (hilang) 

58. first car
♥kereta sorong.HAHA. i dont own a car:).

59. eating
♥ nahh

60. drinking
♥ nahh

61. i'm about to
♥ write the answer for question number 62:)

62. listening to
♥ nothing:)

63. waiting for
♥my fried fries and nugget to be eaten.yum yum:D

64. want kids
♥ yeah!:D

65. get married
♥ cant wait.LOL

66. career
♥ i cant predict my future, but i wish i can get a job with high income.ehee^^"

67. lips or eyes
♥ eyes.

68. hugs or kisses
♥ kisses

69. shorter or taller
♥ taller

70. older or younger
♥ younger

71. romantic or spontaneous

72. nice stomach or arms
♥ LOL. stomaach maybe:)

73. sensitive or loud
♥ gotta get loud:D

74. hook-up or relationship
♥ relationship:)

75. trouble maker or hesitant
♥ trouble maker

76. kissed a stranger
♥ never.

77. drank hard liquor
♥ nahh=='

78. lost glasses/contact
♥not yet.*hmmm,where i put my glasses.=='

79. sex on first date
♥ nahh:)

80. broke someone's heart
♥ yes.

81. had your own heart broken
♥ maybehh

82. hurt someone
♥ yeah:).

83. turned someone down
♥ yes.

84. cried when someone died
♥ og course. especially the loves one;(

85. fallen for a friend
♥ LOL.i guess so

86. yourself
♥ not all the times.

87. miracles
♥ maybeh:).

88. love at first sight
♥ ---

89. heaven
♥ yes.

90. santa claus
♥ nahhh:)

91. kiss on first date
♥ ------

92. angels?
♥ yes.

93. had more than one bf/gf
♥ nahh. i dont even have one:)

94. did you dance today
♥ nooo

95. did you sing today
♥ hm , noo

96. ever cheated on somebody
♥ nahhh

97. if you could go back in time, how far would you go, and why?
♥ childhood time.IDK

98. if you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be?
♥ idk===

99. are you afraid of falling in love with somebody else?
♥ yes 

100. posting this as 101 truths?

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