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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Any Comments? :O 0awesome peeps

this post is made just to express something that makes me annoyed sometimes.so, as we all know Facebook AKA FB connects people all over the world. and if the person doesnt even own one, they would be like this
so, back to the main point, you know this updating status thingy in the FB. everybody can share what they are up to right now so that everyone knows what they are doing. but sometimes*(actually most time), people kinda abusing the actual purpose of this updating-status thingy.
as for an example:'kau ne dah lame hidup ke?pehal cary gaduh dgn ak?@$*#!
hello guys. :face27::q: thats okay kalau awk nak mecarut and use this bad words,masuk kubur tanggung sendirik. but please, if you are mad at someone. you didnt have to use this bad words yang tersangatlah over di status FB anda.:face65:
tak pasal pasal sy dan y laen dapat dosa -.-
and also, yeah. those love status. i mean like 'hubby, do you love me?i love you so freaking much.i miss you like hell.muah muah.i cant live without you.you are my only one':67:
ouh please,shut up-,-:y:
padahal baru dating kat sekolah setengah jam tadik.haih:face74:.
and whenever they broke up,
@$#*!kau tipu ak.kau ingat ak nak sangat kau.pegi mam*** lahh:r::r:
sorannng jea padahal nak marah, tapi satu dunia nak kasitahu.
in other word: the usage of FB mainly from this:to this

so,im sorry if this post will make you hate me or whatever,well, haters are everywhere. so, tak nak bebel panjang panjang.
p/s:terharu sebab result exam lulus takat nie.:face46:HAHA.okay .jerk:d:


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