I lohv to write.Dont ask me why.

bye bye sayang.
Thursday, March 24, 2011

Any Comments? :O 0awesome peeps
so, today i've got my history exam paper and the result:
no, it's a secret:face44:
HAHA. teruk lah. just one more mark. but my teacher kedekut nak kasi:face59:
and for now, seriously, i am determined to sit for my mid year exam and get a freaking awesome result. i mean a real AWESOME. not the 'awesome'.-.-. so, i decided to stay away from logging in to the Facebook & also my baby, my life which is my blog:face41:
baby blog.listen here.i write this poem deep from my liver just for you:h:

without you,
i cant sleep at night,
you are my babyboo,
you are my bantal busuk that everyday i hold tight,
so, i would like to say sorry,
for leaving you this long,
guess you'll be allright without me baby,
but without you, i'll be terpekik terlolong:(
so,yeah,i dont know what to say,
my poem sucks and sound gay,
and for my friends on facebook,
bile ak dah insaf korg kutuk-.-
so baby, gotta go. i end this with HO HO HO.(tak sabit)

bye 'baby i was born this way'::face29:

7:17 PM