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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Any Comments? :O 0awesome peeps

so,the SPM candidates dah dapat result mereka. im glad to hear one of the student of Panglima got the best in Pahang. i cant remember his name. :) but still, im proud of him*(macam sy ne makbapak die pulak) because even he cant see,but still, he got 7A in his SPM. Alhamdulillah. theres always be a great reason behind the weaknesses he got:face55:.
it was sivic lesson but our teacher wasnt coming, so, the relief teacher came into the class and we have a really nice friendly discussion about the current issue & also, about the principle of school who put high hopes in our batch to get excellent result in our SPM next year. it makes me kinda scared:104:. -.-
while i was waiting for my mother to fetch me from school, i was really annoyed with some students who just throw their rubbish/sisa sisa makanan everywhere. please lah.its not bapak korg punye kawasan. im sick of it. you keep blaming the government,MPK or whatever cleaning services, but still. when they have cleaned up, you simply throw rubbish everywhere:face32:. we're all learn history and we learn about civilization. Syed Naquib Al-Attas said: tamadun dilihat pada pencapaian rohaniah dan lahiriah seseorang. kalau lahiriah korg dah capai, tapy rohaniah korg campak ,you can be referred as manusia zaman paleolitik/.manusia zaman batu. see:)
while i was in the car, my mom keep complaining about the sue letter she got 2days ago. and i was like'why lah this day so annoying-.-'
and later,i went home,opened my facebook, and got a message from teacher Nasriah who used to be my mak angkat.ouh how i really miss her;(! she's got a daughter. so cute!just like her:D
and the recent news about Anwar Ibrahim. cepatlah kes ne habes. dah bosan dah denga kes mcm ne.politics, full of this nonsense things. just stop and get focus on Malaysia's development. way more better ayy?im not supporting Anwar neither the other side. im just hoping this case will get solved A.S.A.P.mengapa perlu bermasam muka, bertekak,memekik sesama pemimpin. Islam mengajar kita utk bermusyawarah dalam sesuatu hal y berlainan pendapat. how can the non-Muslim respect us if we dont know how to respect our own religion. okay, im kinda out of the topic.sorreyh.stop here.
thats all. so today, its kinda bit hectic for me. fuhh-,-. penat tulis.

p/s:kejap lagik nak beli baju &tudung sekolah baru.hoyeah:face51:.okay.jerks:d:.

love here:intangg:face65:

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