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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Any Comments? :O 2awesome peeps

it's 11P.M. and i've sat in front of my comp. for about 3 hours non-stop. (just now, my mother dah start bablings:face36:) and what even worse, i didnt finish my freaking hoistory HW-.-. dang! i need to finish up one chapter by tomorrow. and YES, of course lah i wouldnt get to finish it on time:face32:. why lah this day banyak sgt cikgu kasi Homework. im sorry, buti didnt mean to be rude(*seriously). but, this homeworks are really not helping me at all and at the same time, it seem to make me more depressed and in the end, my brain will be like this::65:

why lah we need to waste our time to sit on a chair sampai bontot rase kebas, menulis nota sejarah non-stop sampai tulang jari tu dah rapuh asyik dok menulis memanjang sedangkan bile exam, we didnt refer to our note book at all, inthe end, we refer to the text book also. buku nota, campak mane pun tak tahu(maybe ke laut kot:face14:)
konklusinya, for me, homeworks are just something students are forced to do.yeah you know:
so, we can make a chemical reaction from those words above.
if we say:students are studying,thats equal to=children who study are dying:face74:

p/s:sy baru buat nuffnang ne. nampak tak kat ats tu?tapy, tak faham sgt lah. anyone can help?. ehee

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