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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Any Comments? :O 3awesome peeps

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Assalammualaikum, fuhh-.-'
kau nampak gamba kat atas tu?terliur? sedap? ak tahu.terima kasih:face54:
well,it's Saturday and this morning i was doing my Add Math's homework and believe me, it sucks:face48:.
i spent for almost half an hour for a question but still couldnt get the right answer. and I was like' okay, i gotta stop now before this paper goes right into the dustbin:face63:', so I went straight to my computer and facebook-ing until my mom asked me to cook spaghetti. so,there it is.I'm sorry my phone camera sucks-.-'thats whylah gamba die tak terang.
whatever it is, ak pandai masak spaghetti, kau pandai?
*ayat berlagak*

p/s:tengah mencari bloggers yang post resipi masak y simple dan sedap sampai menjilat kuku jari kaki:0. recommend siket ye?

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