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Friday, April 29, 2011

Any Comments? :O 0awesome peeps

okay, so. I spend for about 7 hours trying to adjust my blog,
this is it:0. cantik kan? ak tahu.terime kasih.:face68:
anyway, i've put a song in my blog by FM Static-Moment of truth.
well, i havent heard this song for kinda long time. so, i decided to put it on my blog as this song use to relate with my life and brings back those memories .*Alamak, bocor rahsia:face63:*
whatever, macam lah korang kesah?kan?kan?:O
so, i didnt go to shool today, as i was really damn lazy to get up.
my mom was like:Intan, nak gi sekolaoh dok ne?'
and i just answered her:'Alaa, malas lah'
sporting tak mak ak:face60:

loving you from the inside is enough for me;)
*gedebuk!*terjatuh tangga-.-'

P/s:sory post pendek.penat sangat:face43:

kiss sikit:face56::Intang:0

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