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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Any Comments? :O 0awesome peeps
Assalammualaikum peeps.
ouh, it;s been awhile ayy? :face19:
sorry guys, miss me? oloh-oloh!jangan nangis gitu. i rindu you alls jugak.
*err,tolonglah budak ne perasan, kau nak ke selipar ak melekat atas muke kau?':face60:
soo, today. i'll be posting about some politics issue. and a hella BIG YES for all of you; you may leave this page if you doesnt interested on this topic:face51:

recently, the media, newspapers, internet, the bloggers and *luckily, it wasnt appear in my dream
:face34:, we can see a lot of news about politics. so, it started a few days ago when i accidentally click on our Prime Minister page on FB, i read some of the comments posted on his page.some people was like:
Hoping you will get to achieve on whatever you doing.
Good luck Dato Seri!

and some of them was like:
Dato, gaji kami pegawai kerajaan bila nak naik!
Dato, kami di Malaysia hidup untuk bayar cukai.
Dato, permohonan sy tak diluluskan. harap Dato' boleh tolong.

so,i was like: guys, takkan lah sikit sikit nak komplen, sikit-sikit nak komplen. if this happen continously, Wawasan 2020 tuh buat peksam je lah. please do understand, sometimes, you gotta get up on your own. and yes, i know it's hard. some of them was like, 'we are poor people'. and guess what, my parents pun miskin jugak dulu. but still, my mom always said 'no hardwork will lead you to nothing'. i mean, sometimes, you gotta depend on yourself to solve your problem. and let me take an example from above: Dato',Kami hidup di Malaysia untuk bayar cukai. what the hell is wrong with you man. kalau kau tak nak bayar cukai, kau jalan dekat denai, naik sampan, lalu lumpur/becak nak ke tempat kerja kau.jangan sesekali lalu highway/jalan raya ke hapee. haih, common lah.be matured!they build those untuk siapa?untuk rakyat jugak. nak bina guna apa? guna duit lah braii. kalau guna duit, kau yang menggunakannya kene bayar lah-.-. susah sangat ke?

Ade jugak y macam ne:
the one who supports Bn are just -BEEP- *sensored.
asyik makan duit rakyat jea.
konsep 1Malaysia is -BEEP- once again, sory*sensored

okay, im neither in this side nor their side. i was on my side.
once again,:face24: MY SIDE:)
some of the extremist /or what we called them huh? err, maybe Anti-Kerajaan or Anti BN/Anti PKR/Anti PAS. commonlah!
you all keep arguing with each other, can't you get along together? sampaikan ada yang sanggup berbahasa melampaui batas.haih.if it keeps going on like this,sampai bilelah nak tunggu negara ne harmoni. if you live in suspicious towards each other, tolerance wont last long. and if you keep being racist, i mean seriously, just get the hell outta Malaysia. people like you lah y menyebabkan semua kaum cant get along. wake up! we're living in variety of races and if you keep being selfish, Malaysia ain't going anywhere-.-

believe me, our PM is trying our best. who are you to say those rude words to him. you gotta look in the mirror first before you point your hand towards somebody? kau perfect sangat eh? tak, tak. ak pun tak jugak. cuma apa y boleh dilakukan, menjadi seseorang yang lebih baik.
overall, i'm just expressing my opinion here.
actually, there are a lot of things i wanna say. but, maybe next time eh?
love yah:h:

P/S:kalau 54 tahun dulu, korang merdeka sama-sama, takkan lah sekarang korang tak nak tengok negara ne maju sama-sama?hmm--

kiss sikit:intan:)

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