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Friday, April 15, 2011

Any Comments? :O 1awesome peeps

so guys. wassup beruk berasap!:D
it's been awhile since i posted something new here. im sorry guys. well, whatever it is, i just want to tell yall that mood sy has finally come back to me. L-O-L.
*nyanyi sikit* baby come back, baby come back to me, in my heart i still believe:face42:*ntah betol dok lirik*ehee
well, after the not-a-single- mood week, i finally realised that sometimes, we dont even have to give a damn about what they say. it's not that difficult. just be with the one who really love yah and thats it. this is our life. we decide it. not you friends, sisters, brothaa, your cats, dogs, frogs or whatever it is:face11:
and in the end, you will be like this:

i am a superwoman yeah! i'm free. it's just that i cant fly-.-'. LOLOLOL

and what happen this week, i mean today-- this morning. HOHO. i've got an awards. yeay! *joget sikit*
and thats really a suprised as i've never had thought i'll be winning this essay-contest at first placed.:face18:
yeah, i know you guys will be saying:'hekeleh minah ne, essay-contest je kott. selok.booo:d:'
and i'll be saying:'yeay, thanks for the compliment guys! i appreciate it. jangan lupe i naek pentas , u alls tepuk tanganXD'HAHA
no lah. it's just that i've made the essay just one and a half page in an hour time, early in the morning with my face, jangan cakaplah. :face58:kalah beruk. muke ngangtuk kan.HOHO
Alhamdulillah la walaupun hadiah die takat baucer koperasi sebanyak 9hengget, at least boleh jugak la ak shopping sakan kat ko-op sampai kelas physic masuk lewat-.-'
so, another freaking haapy new:
i was on the list for the laptop receiver this week:face50:
it was english cclass, when suddenly, Encik Al-Hasora, our GPK, announce a list of names that we're just thought that this name was the one who has been called for some disciplined issues. after kinda 3minutes, Wan Intan Nadiah Bt Borharuddin! ouh damn?! what the hell my name was in there too. my friend was like'Intan! what have you done?! how come you 've been called too.' Ouh God, i was some kind of blurred( a little bit shivering) saying" gah, one problem solved and another is coming?-.-'"
the meeting was at12.40 and finally, it wasnt about disciplined issues.
but we gonna get something!ho-yeah:face19:
and my BM teacher, cikgu Taufik say we're all gonna get a laptop.
but the sad part is, i dont know if i want to accept it or not cause these laptop were for those who really in need. but the question is, how come my name was on the list too? and overall, the students that were on the list, their parents kaya bebeno:face62:. tak leh bla sorang sorang ayah keje pangkat tinggi belake.-.-. so,hummm.i dont know
okay, actually, i have a lot of things to tell ya guys. but idea dah melepas ke mane tak tahulah.
'malas nak tulis panjang-panjang. korang pon nanti bosangg bace:D
kiss sikit*muah:face56:*
P/S:best gile lagu price tag. it aint about(yeah) cha-ching cha-ching, it aint about(uh)ba-bling ba-bling. cepat search lagu ne:D.

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