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Monday, May 2, 2011

Any Comments? :O 0awesome peeps
Assalammualaikum everybodeyh:131:

so, yesterday, wake up early finishing my freaking homework. and in the afternoon, i went to my friend's house Syiqin and learned how to make chocolates:face19:, tuition inthe evening and at night, we're all went to our hometown in Pekan. :face36:
kau tahu tak penat gilo. sampai sakit belakang eden-.-
balik dalam pukul 1pagi.
mandi, pastu terus bergolek golek atas katil.
i'm sorry. it's just im pretty busy right now doing my revision for my mid-year exam* ceh, cakap jehh lebih, buat tak jugak*-.- ehee.
so, ak tepek gamba jea lah er?
*korang click kasi gile kentang gamba ne okay?:D


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