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5 Things you gay
Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Any Comments? :O 2awesome peeps
Assalammualaikum.so,hmmm.akgahsasyugfdsaidsl. haih, I have a confession to make. tiap kali ak start write entry baru, trust me. It feels freaking awkward-------
anyway, before you start to go any futher ,reading this post, I'm telling ya'll that this post worth nothing as what I'm going to write (which I am writing right now) is just about nonsense, ridiculous stuff about myself. and I know you'll be saying:
'hek eleh minah ne.lu ingat lu bajekk hottt ah nak post pasal diri lu ah?'
and I'll be aswering:
'tak kesah la lu abang long ka, lu ayahanda ka, belog ne wa yang punya'

*maaf, TEROVER letak KL gangster punya tagline:O*

okay, let's just get to the main point on what the entry is all about.

see up there?-.-
I'll tell ya:

5)I hate insect.*SERIOUSLY. :face3:<------see that face. that means IM SERIOUS. lipas, lipan,ulat sampah,ulat bulu,ulat buku,eh silap. macam macam lah. believe me.I'll be shivering for an hour if this thing goes up onto my body.I'll remember the last time incident where i met these freaking insects-.-.here's the short version of the story.
that night, Myra,Alif and me was on our way going to the shop.it was around 8.3oPM. As i was walking, --------

Intan:OMAK KAU! *sambil melopmat mengalahkan Chaunte Lowe dalam high jump-.-' (metaphore)
Amira&Alif: OMAK KAU!*berjangkit melatah* bakpe Intan?Kau ne!
Intan:*muka orang tahan berak*:face41: tengok tu! banyak nye lipas kat kedai tu.tadi ak nampak mak lipas. bapak jing besonye.meremang bulu roma ak. dah ado yang gugur pon bulu tangan ak. habis tak cun!*ayat tambahan jea. padahal waktu tu mg senyap tak terkata!)-.-
Amira &Alif:-.-'

on the way balik, ak memang dah sejuk, berpeluh macam orang lari maraton. punyalah trauma nye-.- Besoknye, ak cerita kat Ustazah &kawan-kawan sekolah ak pasal ak jumpa mak lipas yang bapak gila kentang besar.diorang apa lagi.ado yang ketawakan ak, ado yang buat muka pelik, nak tak nak jea caye-.-'. sia-sia airliur ak je cerita kat korang.:face32:

4)I hate how people staring at me in a different way. i mean seriously. what is wrong with you man!
eh, ak bukan perasan eh?-.-' serious, kalau yea kau suka tengok ak yang comel ne, tak payah ah gitu sekali. *gedebuk*kena baling selipar atas muka.:face33: serious, lain kali kau stare ak mcm tu lagi, ak nak korek hidung depan kau, tengok kau tahan tak stare ak lamo-lamo:O.

3)I hate HOMEWORKS-.-. LOL. everybody would have the same thought as me. who on earth loves to do homework? actually, i believe that the teacher who give a lot of homework to their students, forcing them to get the homework done on time, worth nothing at all. believe me, if we get forced to do something we dont like, it will turn out to be useless effort. so, what is the best way is to stop giving us homework.:face46: HAHA.

homework=stress=sick=brain damage=die=R.I.P

2)i freaking hate backstabbers.what is these freaking backstabber?Acting hella good in front of me, but the truth you're just one of those b*itch.It simple as ABCD to know if you are a back stabber.look below:
A:B, ak suka lah tengok C tu, comel, cun melecun.
B: Ye ah, ak suka jugak tengok dia.
*lepas dua bulan, A&C berkawan rapat, B jealous.
B cakap kat C:eh, kau tahu tak, dua bulan lepas, A baru jea kutuk kau cakap bontot kau tonggek ah,mulut macam longkang ah. last -last dia saje je rapat dengan kau tu.baik kau jaga-jaga!
C:ye kea?!kurang asam punya asam masin!
*in the end, B berjaya melagakan A&C*
yay!tepuk tangan sikit.
---THE END----

I know what it feel to get hurt by somebody that we trust so much, who use to be the one that we lay our shoulder during hard times, and in the end, they are just people who dont have life. they live just to destroy our happiness making our life miserable. Alhamdulillah,it has been a long time since i befriended with a backstabber.and I hope, i wont meet any single of them:O.
do you believe in karma? I do. Everything that you've done to me, you'll just have to wait for the consequences. what goes around comes around bitch.

1)and the most thing that I hate is
having a crush-.-

LOL*yang ne tak nak komen lebih-lebih* nanti jadi kontroversi.
anyway, Thanks for those who have wasted their 5 minutes reading this good-for-nothing post. this lovely picture come from my deepest heart for all of you man.

do I look like I care. you are gay.


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