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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Any Comments? :O 1awesome peeps

yo wassup beruk berasap!
it is 12.30PM when i reached Megamall and I called Fattah:
Intan:yo Fattah.kau kat mana huh?!
Fattah:sorry Intan. ak baru bangun tido.
Intan:-.-' man, ak dah sampai Mega dah!
Fattah:okay,okay ak nak otw ah ne.

*dekat 1jam kemudian*
Intan:kau bila nak sampai ne?!
Fattah:5 minit lagi
Intan:Fuhh, lega.okay ak tunggu kat 7E

*10 minit kemudian*
barulah berjumpa-.-'

nasib baik ah ak lama dah tak jumpa kau, kalau tak ada melekat jugak kasut ak kat bontot kau, tak ke macam orang gilo ak tunggu kat Mega tu.HAHAHA

dah jumpa dalam pukul 1jam lebih, pergilah survey movies. Zul semangat nak tengok Nurkasih and I was like,-.-' LOL. for me and Fattah, we watched Pirates of Carribean and it was freaking awesome!guys,gays, male,female,frog,cat,dog,you must see this movie!(*LOL, i know some of you guys might have watched it)
but Fattah,HAHA. he got to handle some complicated issues with his tummy.so, after we watched the movie, Fattah,Zul and I straightaway went to KFC .nampak sangat kebulurnye-.-'.
and it was near5PM.Fattah need to have his hair cut so, we went to the saloon there(I cant remember the name) , Zul and I waited for him like half an hour. we're both satnding outside the door with the face of a beggar who trying to ask for some money-.-'. the hair stylist was feeling kinda weird to see us there. maybe in her mind she must have thought like:'wtf these two kids playing outside my saloon?' HAHA
After he got his hair cut, Zul's mom or father(i dont really know who was that-.-) called him ad said he was already near the MegaMall to pick them up. I was like. ouh man, look like im going to walk alone after this as my mom would picked me up at 6. so. I sent them down and we're accidently stop at a CD's shop.so, I went in there and searched for Eminem-Recovery. THANKS GOD.ALHAMDULILLAH..I've got to find one and I was extremely excited man!I've wanted this CD for such a long time, but it was freaking hard to find his CD-.-'so, YEAYYYYY man!
after they went back home, i was walking around the Megamall, alone, -.-' LOL. and I''m so HAPPY as my mom actually picked me up at 6.30-.-'. LOL. so, here's some pictures of us. and yes. we didnt take a lot of pictures . we were in a rush as Zul's father was about to picked them both. take a look. ouh, before that, If you feel like vomitting , you might want to take a besen in front of you as this minah bajek hott dalam pictures ne memang ah tak reti nak bergambar!:)

ak mals edit edit gambar. click utk tumbesaran
Look ak this man. nampak sgt tak orinye-.-'HAHA. yang ne jea ak jumpa. kesah apa ak.ak pun tak faham kenapa ak pandang lain, padahal ak rasa ak memang dah pandang kamera-.-'

Takde motif.

punca overdose Ribena. jadi kanak-kanak riang

otw balik, ak tak perasan pulak bila mase die snap picture ne-.-

Zul ne dia ikut tagline TV tu*senyum tak perlu kata apa-apa* HAHA
muke tak ikhlas jea-.-HAHA

so,konklusinya, bila ak tilik gamba-ga,ba ne ak baru perasan something!oww man!tembamnya ak-.-' sape y bace sampai habis tu, kau tak termuntah kea? Alhamdulillah:)

p/s:so,today I was extremely excited as i got to hang out with Fattah and Zul. LOL.you guys rock my day!:)

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