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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Any Comments? :O 1awesome peeps

yo readers, wassup beruk berasap:O
i've been spending 2 freaking hours just to finish up my t-shirt design. OWWW-MAIII-GODD. i've never thought it would be so hard to design a shirt. naik sakit belakang ak ne hah buat mende alah ne-.- i've just finished about 85% of what i've been working so hard and Insya-Allah, it will be done by tomorrow:) so, just take a look.

oww mann, where's the hand!-.-. LOL.*As i said, i didnt finish it yet:O

and yes, i know it look kind of weird-.-' i thought i've drawn big enough but, it wasnt-.-. LOL. maybe, i'll just figure it out later about designing something else on the t-shirt so, it wasnt look awkward:O

so, this wednesday. i'll be hanging out with Abdul Fattah and watch movies, blablabla-----
couldnt wait to see ya man!:D and of course, i suggest you to bring some kapas telinga, as I will be spending for about an hour in the jamban karoke, trying to act like an international singer. it just a suggestion so, you wouldnt have been regret and have the thought that, itis better to listen to the froggy voice rather than stuck in the jamban karoke with me. LOL
so, this is just a quick post. I'm not really in the mood of blogging as my internet line sucks. so, see ya next time baybeh:O.

p/s:somebody taught me how to hack a person Fesbuk LOL. thanks man-.-'HAHA


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