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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Any Comments? :O 2awesome peeps
So,this is just a quick post from me. I've wasted one hour just to get a simple new look for my blog. Sory if this new background look kinda boring(act,i dont giv a damn on what you're thinking bout it. Lulz,just kidding*but seriously)
Oh well, a few days ago, I've watched a new Kpop wannabe group which is known as MAX 24:7, If you guys haven't watched yet, Look here ---->

Okayy,I'm not trying to be mean/jerk/geys or whatsoever. But seriously.You sucks. No talent at all.Your dancing skills aren't much better than those makcik(s) who used to dance poco-poco every morning.

Well,I'm not a huge fan of K-Pop, but still, this is freaking annoying.This is the first time I've heard something that can make me annoyed more than waiting the long freaking advertistment for the movie to start back when I'm watching TV (Seriously,don't you guys find it annoying too-.-').You screwed up everything. And thanks to you, I couldnt sleep well after watching this.(Melampau sangat kan) AHHA-.-

So,to be honest,You guys should practice more,Learn to dance & sing well. Even the K-Pop group had to practice  2 to 4 years before they manage to debut their first album-.- And you guys just came out of nowhere, trying to act like a K-Pop stars,now you guys is not more than just a joke to everybody else.I mean seriously, Look at those dislike bars.Remember,Viewers are always right in judging something because they are the one who views and hears.

Guess I should stop now or I might end up typing something ridiculous here.



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