I lohv to write.Dont ask me why.

Once again.
Saturday, September 3, 2011

Any Comments? :O 0awesome peeps
You know, It's coming to the end of holiday, and it's totally sucks:/   But still, whatever.

Well,truth be told. I dont even get the point of typing this post. Nothing much to be shared or maybe, nothing at all. I'm seriously dont have the idea why I'll be sitting here in front of the computer, putting my headset on, listening to the music and typing some freaking I-dont-even-know post. Maybe this is just my addictiveness, trying to express what the hell I'm feeling right now through words.Yeah, Do I'm the only one that feels much better to express this emotions here rather than sharing it with someone else? Well,maybe. I dont have a lot of friends. I mean, true friends. You know, you can have a lot of friends but you can hardly find the one that will be standing up by your side the whole time when thousand of them are against you.Too much fakers out there which make me too afraid to put the trust on them.So, this is the only best option for me to escape all the shit, excitement, anger , ambivalence,and the feeling of vain.

I'm listening to Lil Wayne-How To Love ,keep repeating the same song while typing this post.This kind of music really putting myself in calmness.Sometimes, I'll just take a piece of paper, grab some color pencils , scribbling all over the paper .In the end, it turns out to be a paper with colorful messy lines and I'll start wishing that my life could be as colorful as it could be.

I'm still searching, waiting for someone that can stop me from typing this whole damn feeling here and make me start to express my feeling to somebody instead of something.Can I, by chance find such person?Hmm.

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