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Monday, October 3, 2011

Any Comments? :O 0awesome peeps
So Assalammualaikum and hi guys.First of all, I'm freaking sorry for the lack of new entries.You know how hectic the life of a student is.I'll sit for my FINAL EXAMINATION and i've got about ONE WEEK to revise everything.ouh and me,myself wondering why I am here, typing a new entry instead of holding my Biology's textbook.Hmm,that will be unexplainable.Maybe, I'm just too tired and this is one of the best option for me to escape from everything.Well, the PMR's candidates will be taking their examination in our class,so we need to move our ass out from OUR class and go to their class which is located in the middle of-- maybe jungle is the best word. It's too noisy, I tell you. those students, there will be like beruk-ing around the corner of their class during their recess time. And not to mention, our school field was under construction and the sounds of those lorries whatsoever really pissed me off.I cant even hear what the teacher is teaching in front and eventually, I lost the mood to stay focus in the class .Without wasting time, my head will be right on the table and there goes 'Stfu everyone.I'm sleeping.DO NOT DISTURB ME'

My parents have been hella busy moving some stuffs to our new home lately. So, I spend less time talking to my mom and always here,alone in this house. I dont know why, but I realized that everyone in this house busy minding their own business and there are less conversations between us. It feels kinda sad, but there's nothing much I can do about it.

Oh well, no matter what the hell is going on, every obstacles I need to go through, I'll make sure I've put all my effort in this last examination.Seriously, my life depends on this result:/ I know it feels kinda funny when I say something like this.Yeah, i know you guys will be thinking 'When lah Intan take serious on her examination results?' Well, I dont need to explain much further. Knowing that this results meant everything for me is enough.

So, I guess I should end here.I've got to attend my Chemist tuition at 8.Once again, I apologize for this freaking short&boring post here. For all the PMR'S candidates out there,' Alahh, PMR is easy peanut lah(google translate utk senang kacang) Do the best especially those who will be taking their PMR's in our class.I've made a big sacrifice for ya'll by moving out from our peaceful,quiet class. So, you better appreciate that.Thank you.

K bye:Intang

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