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Sunday, July 29, 2012

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Assalammualaikum  and hello guys:>
Err, this really feels freakin awkward typing a new entry here as it had been alomst 8 months I've been away from this. I should have said it clearer, IT HAS BEEN 8 MONTHS. K.

So, here I am, apologizing as I have been way too busy living my life in the year of 2012. New life, new student, new school, new friends, new environment. Too much things I have to adapt during this 8months period which make my life now kinda hectic.Truth be told, gotta admit some had truly brings joy and some didnt. I've met new crazy friends which I enjoyed sharing everythng with them even we've only met for only 8 months. However, there are some of them who I just couldnt get along with. I dont know why, maybe their attitude do scares the hell out of me. Lol. 

And btw, there's only one month left before our SPM trial start. My room had been a total disaster with books and the abandoned mount-rising homework all over my bed. Like seriously, I'm nearly gettin a total mental breakdown knowing I didnt start revising all the subjects yet, especially History. I've tried to put in all my effort but it didnt seem to work out very well.Haih. Anyway, I did felt a changeable mood of mine lately.Perhaps I get stressed out too much about this and I should make a way to calm myself down. Some had put up really high expectations on me and it made me feel really uncomfortable with it. Kemon guys, I AM AN ORDINARY HUMAN WITH AN ORDINARY BRAIN which makes me an imperfect human. Just please dont expect too much on me cause I'm afraid I'm gonna let you guys down at the end of it. Whatever it is, I promise I will do my best and try to achive my goals for this upcoming exam.And I do hope all of my beloved friends would acheive their aim in getting good results will be true too. InsyaAllah.Amin.

Whatever it is, it's been the 8th days of fasting month. Feels kinda sad actually as I didnt had that much time to multiply my ibadah as much as I did last year:l I used to go tarawikh with my friends during the previous fasting month and now, I'm going to perform tarawih alone. It doesnt matter actually, but I suddenly miss the break fasting moment when I was in Shaks. We're all will be heading toward the dining hall to line up as early as we could so that we didnt have to wait for too long to get the food.Lol, I remeber the last time when the menu for that day was Nasi Ayam. So, I lined up, too a tray of Nasi Ayam and left it on the table. Soon after that, I came back and the only things left on the tray was a rice with an imprint of a cat's little paw on it. Lol. Anway, speaking of fasting month, I'm thinking of eating Sushi, grilled fish, burgers and other mouth-watering food. Lol, I possibly will gain few weight if I keep continuing thinking about food. Oh well, that was totally a part of my mission which is to gain few weights. Meheh

Anyway,  days after days, i could feel a sudden change. Didnt know it's for the good or bad but it really feels confusing. Hmm, I'm trying to keep this for the sake of us, but it seems to be fading. Oh well, forget it. I'll be alright soon enough, I guess.

I really had a lot of things to be shared but it's better to stop here and start typing a new entry with a fresh and some new ideas later on. To be honest it's nearly 2 am now and I'm typing this while watching our Malaysia team competing in a badminton match for Olympic London. Lol. 
P/S: I've watched Batman movie yesterday and it was FREAKIN AWESOME:D You guys should really watch it.Meheh:>


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