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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Any Comments? :O 0awesome peeps

Koya letak gambar sendiri. Haha 

Assalammualaikum and evening guys,
 Umm, hmmm, aaaaa. Feeling damn awkward right now since my previous entry was about a year ago.
Me myself didnt know why on earth I could end up making this entry . I was scrolling one of my old schoolmate's blog and it just eventually came across my mind to visit my own blog after quite sometime. Time flies so fast that all there's much that I thought of sharing were left unsaid since life has been more hectic, you know living myself among le 'grown-ups people' (grown-up lah sangat) 
Btw, I was laughing my ass off looking at some of le earliest posts of mine when I started making this blog and questioned myself  'eff, like serioushit this is me?' Lol. Some of them were really immature and I was kinda ashamed of myself for making that type of weird entry. Oh btw, who cares. It's the journey of life. Past should be kept as memories while I should be focusing more for the future self of mine, striving for things I've been dreaming for all this time right?:)

Speaking of the flow of my life, tbh I'm kinda in a new phase of my life. A tough one. Or maybe a battle of war between the inner side of mine. Yeap, I'm 18( not officially) , but still. I've left the school's part and currently pursuing my studies as a U's students. IS IT FUN? HELL YES AND NO. I cant even believe that I've been a U's students for nearly 8 months and in 4 months time, I'm gonna finish with my Foundation level and continue with the first year of my degree In Chemical Engineering. Alhamdulillah, everything is going as smooth as it could be, these people here are superbly amazing and with their continuous support, rooting me along my journey here, I'm able to stand up here albeit of all the hardships I've faced or about to.

So, this is dedicated to all my buddiezzzz here, eventhough I havent said this to you guys (since saying it literally from my mouth is kinda impossible) but I'll say it here:ppp I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AND IN SHAA ALLAH, UKHWAH BETWEEN US WILL STILL BE AS STRONG AS IT WILL ALWAYS BE . ALWAYS BE:)) 

So, this is Amalina yg comelzzz lagi ayu lagi kiut miut, my mummyz, my best friend, my sister and a part of myself (exaggerating much I guess) Haha. She's ben with me since the first time I am alone, without anyone to accompany me during the first day I was here, until now. Thank you for being there when no else was:))

So this is my roomate for six month and InShaa Allah for the next 5 years.Nono babyku, I feel sorry for you since syou have to restrain yourself for the next 5 years living with some kindof weirdo. Lol

I miss this moment so bad since they're the one who's been with through out my life here. Two of them have left UTP, all the best guys. Though we wont be seeing each other as much as before, the memories will keep on revolving in my mind and dont forget to keep in touch in our 'dua' okay?:)

These guys rock my worldzzz( rempwitzz yaww) Haha

                                     I have lots to be shared, but I'm getting sleepy now. It's already 1.30 am, so I guess I should end this here. Goodnight people. Jangan lupa baca doa tidur before going to sleep. Haha. K night guys:)

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